How, out of Frl. Mayer, came Frl. Mayers Hinterhausjazzer            



1902 Hedwig Mayer was born.
1969 Michael Rox took up residence in her - courtyard terrace house (Hinterhaus).
1971 - His appartment there became a meeting place for jazz-mad students - and - (after certain birth pains) "The" band was born - a band that now boasts a fan-club with a multi-national membership list.



Over the years since their first appearance in 1974 has developed the inimitable "Hinterhaus-style" heard to-day. "Music that is lived and felt", as one critic penetratingly wrote; or, as listeners repeatedly confirm: "You can feel they don´t have to prove anything to themselves or to the audience - they´re simply having a great time with their music." Nine long-playing recordings document the "professionalism" of these seven musicans; however, perhaps it is because they have retained their amateur status that they also retain their wholehearted enthusiasm for their music. Their dynamic performances - including over 100 Radio and T.V. broadcasts and countless club, Festival, Gala and concert appearances - have won the hearts of audiences all over the world.


Here are the "Mayers":


Michael Rox on the piano (since 1971)
Hans Schweizeron trombone (since 1972)
Hermann Schlozon drums (since 1975)
Hermann Bruderhoferon banjo (since 1977)
Philipp Reißon bass (since 1978)
Andy Lawrenceon trumpet (from 1985 - 1993 and since 2008)
Jerry Gabrielon clarinet and saxophone (since 1996)


immer wieder gerne unter Beweis.



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